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inFrequently Asked Questions

Who is Garison Fitch?

Garison Fitch is a scientist who lives in the Soviet Americas. His attempts at interdimentional travel have previously been successful, but short. An attempt at a longer trip takes him through time. When he returns to the present, he finds the world changed (to the world we know) and must decide whether to return to the past and try to return the world to normal or live in this strange world he has created.

Why does “Lost Time” spend so much time away from the story of Garison Fitch?

“Saving Time” is the true sequel to “First Time”. “Lost Time” (or LT, as I refer to it) is not so much a sequel or even a continuation of the narrative as a cousin to the first two books. The main characters, Jason and Bronwyn, are the only two survivors—other than Garison—from the “normal” world and, eventually, provide the explanation for how Garison can change what he changed and still survive.

Will we ever find out what happened to Bat Garrett at the end of LT?

Yes. The novel “All the Time in Our World” (ATOW) is the beginning of that tale. It will continue in “Some Time” (title still pending; to be released in late 2010 or early 2011) and the answer you’re looking for will be revealed in “No Time” (pending; projected release in 2011).

Why is "All the Time in Our World" being released in multiple parts?

Call it an experiment in marketing. Plus, we all know that money is tight these days and it's hard to plunk down $8 for a book if you're not sure you're going to like it. This way, readers can can get far more than a sample. If you enjoy it, you can purchase the other three parts of the story (part 2 will be available in late December '09).

Will "All the Time in Our World" ever be available as a single volume?

Yes. Look for it to be available as a single volume from Amazon in April 2010. See the next answer down if you're interested in getting it in paperback.

What if I don't have a Kindle? How can I read "All the Time in Our World"?

Thanks to the wonderful people at Amazon, you can now read Kindle-ready books on your PC or iPhone! Get the free software and you can order Kindle books and read them on your PC (Mac version coming soon). All of these books are published by C&C Press and, if we can show them that "All the Time in the World" is worth the investment, they will bring it out in a paperback edition (with all four parts!).