All the Time in the World

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My novel ("All the Time in Our World”) is now available (and selling) on Kindle! OK, as of this writing I have sold a grand total of 4 copies. That may not sound like much—especially in a world where politicians and athletes sell a billion copies of their ghost-written autobiographies—but considering I don’t know anyone who has a Kindle and I have no skills at marketing, 4 books impresses me.

If I had four cousins who had Kindles, that would answer my question as to who is buying. While I may well have four cousins with Kindles, I don’t know about it and I don’t have the email addresses of four cousins to tell them about this and … well, never mind.

As a result, I’m trying this “media blitz” of blogging and web-siting to try to a] promote and sell more books and 2] find out who is reading them.

It’s not just this new book. I have four other books available on Amazon (“First Time—The Legend of Garison Fitch, book 1”; “Saving Time—The Legend of Garison Fitch, book 2”; and “Lost Time—The Legend of Garison Fitch, book 3” available in both paperback and electronic formats and “Psalm 88” available only in electronic format) and I sell 15-20 electronic copies (with a high of 28 books in July) and 2-3 paperback editions a month and I have no idea who’s buying any of them.

I have a little clue as to “why”. Of the five books now available, in the last six months I have sold over 100 copies of the four novels about time travel and 1 (count it, ONE!) copy of “Psalm 88”. This tells me that the people buying my books are apparently looking for time travel stories and not stories about dealing with addiction. I can’t say I blame them (though, in all fairness and with no semblance of being unbiased, “Psalm 88” is a really good book!).