The TV Interview

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If you’ve clicked on the link below and watched the interview with me that was broadcast on Amarillo’s Channel 7 (ABC), you may be wondering how that came about. Here’s the quick rundown:

The Channel 7 news team has been going all over the Texas panhandle this summer, doing the evening news from the various small towns in the area. One day, they came to Dumas, so my family and I went “downtown” (the town square, which is a place and not a person) and saw the news people.

I also managed to run into one of the people from our local newspaper, the Moore County News. I mentioned to him that I was the cartoonist behind the one and only comic strip in the paper. He, of course, had never heard of me and didn’t know the newspaper he worked for had a cartoon. Ah, those newshounds!

As I was talking to him, an eavesdropper suddenly said, “I don’t mean to eaves drop, but did I understand that you do a cartoon for the local paper?” The guy from our local paper was happy to duck out of the conversation at this point because I don’t think he believed me.

I said, “Yes,” then the new man in the conversation introduced himself as a newsman with the TV station (Mitch Roberts). Even after seeing him
on the nightly news, I wouldn’t have recognized him. In all honesty, he looks 10 years younger in person. Anyway, he told me about these “Panhandle Spirit” interviews he does with “people of interest” in the panhandle and said he’d never done one with a cartoonist and asked if I’d be interested.

I calmly said, “Yes, that would be great!” while thinking it in my mind in all caps.

He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him at his convenience (“Would right now be OK?!?!”) and we parted with me walking a foot off the ground.

A month later, he came to Dumas and spent a couple hours interviewing me, filming me, and taking footage of the town of Dumas. I wasn’t nervous during the interview—it was just fun—but I was nervous a week later when it was time for the broadcast. “Would it be so chopped up as to make no sense?” (No.) “Would they leave in the parts about my real passion, preaching?” (Yes.) “Would I look bald?” (YES darnit)

As a side note, ever since the TV stations went to all-digital I (and everyone else in town) saw a distinct drop in the quality of the digital signal of the Amarillo ABC station. Where we used to be able to watch Channel 7 in the living room on the 42” plasma, we had to huddle together in the bedroom to watch this on the 19 inch analog (with converter box). Kinda made for a fun family get-together, though.