Dead Like Ted

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Some people in the media seem surprised that the Pope hasn’t jumped at the chance to offer some sort of statement on the passing of Edward “Ted” Kennedy.

Why would he? Ted Kennedy devoted his public life to trying to destroy the Catholic church. So the Pope can either be hypocritical and offer words of condolence or tell the truth and offer a statement of condemnation.

If you don’t think his goal was to try and destroy the Catholic church, why did he devote forty plus years to publicly and repeatedly flaunting its precepts and trying to remove its morality from the American landscape?

Take a look at the “tributes” being offered to him by people who liked him. We’ve been told that no politician in America has ever done more to promote the causes of gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle in general. You don’t have to have attended mass to know that such a pursuit is in direct opposition to core Catholic teaching.

He’s also been one of the most vocal supporters and reliable voters in the pro-abortion movement for four decades. Again, that goes against papal teaching on so many levels that it wouldn’t be difficult to envision the Pope dancing at the news of the senator’s passing. [Note: he probably didn’t. My guess is that the Pope, if he thought about Kennedy at all in these last few days, was praying that he would return to the faith he professed before exiting this mortal coil.]

And what about faithfulness in marriage? Remember the pictures of him “cavorting” on a boat with a woman who wasn’t either of his wives (another violation of Catholic doctrine: no divorce]? We can assume that Teddy was additionally violating Catholic teaching by either a] using contraceptives or b] paying for abortions.

And let’s not forget that his lifelong voting record was always in favor of keeping the poor poor, so they would continue to live off the public dole, vote Democrat, and specifically violate scriptural teaching that a man who doesn’t work shouldn’t eat.
The list could go on and on. This was a man who’s every move was designed to telegraph to the world that all church teachings could be abrogated if one had enough money and the right name. Now, why would the Pope lionize such a person?