My Dream for National Health Care

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OK, here’s my dream for how all this nationalized health care could play out here in the Formerly-United States of America.

The Prez and some of his minions in congress have already said they don’t need bi-partisan support for their bill to pass, so let’s assume it does. Here’s where my dream starts to kick in.

Governor Perry of Texas, he of the perfect hair and perpetually crooked tie, follows up on his pledge to invoke the 10th and 11th amendments to the Constitution and not accept Obamacare for the Lone Star State.

Since this is a fantasy, let’s pretend that the courts rule that the Constitution is still the law of the land and, therefore, Texas is free to follow it. What would happen then?

I foresee a great exodus and a smaller influx happening simultaneously.

First to leave would be all the sponges (yes, Texas has some, too) who have no concept of life off the public teat. Some of them would find lawyers and sue the state of Texas for their “right” to free health care. Again invoking fantasy, let’s say they wind up before a series of judges who all say that the Constitution means what it says and Texas is free to reject nationalized health care. So, their only choices being to get jobs and pay for their health care or go somewhere where the health care is inferior but free, they will—of course—leave. That’s fine. Texas doesn’t want anyone who isn’t willing to work, anyway.

Then would come the influx (smaller in number, but maybe larger in influence). Conscientious doctors all over America, realizing that their ability to actually treat patients has been severely curtailed (not to mention their ability to make money and pay off those enormous debts incurred in umpteen years of school and the purchase of a yacht), will move to Texas. Here, they’ll be able to treat patients who are over 65 with impunity and—thanks to tort reform—it will be more profitable for the doctors and less costly for the patients.

This, then, will lead to even more prosperity for Texas as people from the upper 47* “vacation” in Texas so that while here they can get treated for everything from gout to heart surgery in less time than it would have taken them to fill out the paperwork back home.

*Hawaii is, technically, south of here and Georgia will probably reject Obamacare if Texas does.