The Legend of Garison Fitch (the blog entry)

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June 2009 was my biggest month ever for book sales! Thanks to whoever it is that’s buying them!! (I have no idea.) My only clue is that a review for one of my books showed up on Amazon recently, written by someone in Saudi Arabia (someone calling themselves C. East “Scott”).

See, all my books that have sold in the last 7 months have sold on Amazon’s Kindle platform (see elsewhere in these blogs for more details on that). Now, the Kindle would seem to be ideal for people who are stationed overseas for months at a time and enjoy reading. Rather than stuffing their duffle full of books, they can put a couple hundred books on their Kindle and have plenty to read for a six-month tour. And, providing they have access to a computer or Wi-Fi, they can download more as they go.

Is that what’s happening? Did some soldier or oil-field worker with a Kindle stumble across my time travel books, enjoy them, and then recommend them to his co-workers? I have no way of knowing, but I’m extremely grateful to whoever it is that’s sparking these sales. If you are one of the people who has read my books and would like to write to me about them, write me at

For just a brief synopsis of my novels (the first three of which are available in paperback from Amazon as well) …

“First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch” explores the question of what a man would do if he discovered that the trip he had taken through time destroyed the world he knew. What if, though, the strange world he created is the one we know?

“Saving Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch book 2” takes place two years after the events in “First Time”. Garison begins to see strange time anomalies, centered around his house and comes to believe they are the result of his previous time travel. He also believes they are getting more frequent and, if unabated, could destroy time itself. So he must find a way to go back in time and stop himself from making the first trip through time. The only hitch is that he can’t use his time machine to do so.

“Lost Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch book 3” takes place sixty years before the events in “First Time” and is set in the world Garison Fitch grew up in. It follows Jason Kerrigan and Bronwyn Dalmouth, pilots in the Republic of Texas’s Army Air Corp. While testing an experimental aircraft, they are sent thousands of years into the future. When they return to their own time, the world has changed. How can a trip to the future change the past?

“Psalm 88” is a story of addiction and denial. Joe Whitcomb lost his wife and daughter a year ago, but has never really faced his loss. Ellen Leads is an alcoholic who likes to tell herself she’s an “ex-alcoholic”. They try to run away from their problems by running together. [Author’s note: this is an excellent book (IMHO), but to date I have sold exactly 0 copies of it. Maybe because it’s not about time travel.]