Someone is Buying My Books on Kindle

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Since January 1 of this year, 32 copies of my novels have been sold to users of Amazon's Kindle--including 3 just this month. I have four books available ("First Time-The Legend of Garison Fitch"; "Saving Time-The Legend of Garison Fitch Book 2"; "Lost Time-The Legend of Garison Fitch Book 3" and "Psalm 88") and three of the four are selling.

I have all sorts of questions.

Who is buying them? How did they hear about them? (I'm not angry about any of this, I'd just love to know so that, maybe, I could use that knowledge to propel more sales.) Did one person buy one then tell a friend, who has then told other friends, etc.?

And how come no one's buying "Psalm 88"? Is it because whoever it is that's buying the books is doing so because they like time travel novels? (Because if you go to Amazon and look up my name, you get all four books--and can even get the three time travel books in paperback.)

"First Time" and "Saving Time" and "Psalm 88" were all made available on Kindle last August. I have never had any idea how to advertise these books, other than through this blog. And then, in December '08, three people bought "First Time" and one copy of "Saving Time" was sold. Since then, I've sold between 3 and 11 copies of my books each month.

If you have any idea who is buying them, please write me at!