Republic Reboot III -- or "Some Possible Pitfalls of Secession"

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All right, I’m going to go ahead and admit that secession wouldn’t be all peaches and cream. That would be if Georgia seceded. In Texas, it would be pecan pie and Dr Pepper.

Just kidding. A decision like secession would obviously bring up some big questions which I, personally, don’t have the answers for. Still, I’d like to ask them in case someone else does. So, in no particular order:

 Would secession require a civil war? I certainly hope not. I’d love for it to just be a matter of submitting a petition and then some (inevitable) legal wrangling. What if the military were called out? Would it be? Who would fight? Is secession worth fighting an actual war for? These are questions worth asking and I can’t claim to have the answers for any of them.

 Who gets what? OK, let’s say Texas peacefully secedes and the FUSA (Formerly United States of America) goes along with it. Who gets all that equipment at Fort Hood and NASA? Is it ours because it’s on our property? Do we share ownership? Do we lease the land to FUSA and they are responsible for the equipment?

 What would our currency be based on? FUSA currency used to be based on gold or silver. Now it’s based on the good will and faith of the government (i.e. “nothing”). Could ours be based on oil? Are any governments’ monies based on anything anymore?

 Do we keep our current boundaries or can we take Oklahoma with us? Now, some of you are probably surprised that I, as a Texan, would want Oklahoma to go with us, but if you look at their state government, they’re one of the few states in the Union that still holds to the constitution. Plus, imagine the confusion if Texas and Oklahoma seceded then forbade the exportation of high school football and baseball players! (Plus, we really need Oklahoma to go with us if we’re going to claim Bob Wills as one of us.)

 Would W go with us? This is not a make or break question, just one of interest. I liked both Bushes and think they’re both honorable men. On the one hand, it might be hard to leave the country you were president of for another. On the other hand, they took oaths to protect and defend the Constitution of the Unites States, so maybe they would see this as (I hope) a return to the constitution and its delegated powers.

 What happens to our sports teams? The Toronto Blue Jays are still in American baseball, so I’m guessing the Astros, Rangers, Cowboys, Texans, Spurs, Mavericks and Rockets could stay in their prospective leagues. I think we have a hockey team, but don’t really care, so I didn’t mention them. The NCAA is a league seemingly bereft of moral integrity, so it makes you wonder what they’d do to UT, A&M and the Sooners (if they go with us, see above).

 Who would be a Texas citizen? Everyone in the state at the time of secession? Only those who can prove they’ve lived here a certain amount of time or were born here? What would be our immigration policy? How soon could we build a fence? (and would it go all the way around or just be on our northern borders?) What about Texas citizens serving in the FUSA military? What would be the process for them to come home when their hitch is over (providing they want to, of course)?

 What happens to NAFTA if we pull out? Now, I’m not a NAFTA hater. I think it needs some work. But it would be interested to see what would happen to it if we pulled out.

 I live a little more than a half hour from New Mexico. Would I need a passport to go there?

Just some idle questions from an idling mind.