Republic Reboot II

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“You must remember, my friend, that if we leave the governing to others, then others will govern, and possibly not as we would like. In a country such as this, none of us is free of responsibility.” --Louis L’Amour in "River's West"

The question of whether or not to secede is, obviously, not an easy one. Perhaps it’s like the decision a patient and her surgeon must make. If the cancerous breast is kept, there’s a 10% chance the cancer can be beaten back and the patient will live a long, happy life; if the breast is removed, however, there’s a 60% chance the patient will live that long life.

It is not certain. There will be trials and, most likely, moments of self-doubt, wondering whether the right choice were made. Many people will argue—both before and after—for another course. Their opinions should be heard (within reason) of course, but, at some point, the patient or the state must say—before it is too late, “This is our path, we must take it.”

What would I like to see a Republic of Texas take the lead on? I’m sure there are a lot of things we could do, but here are some of the first that come to mind:

 Desalinization plants. I live up here in the extremely dry panhandle. Let’s become the cutting edge place for desalinization plants along the Texas coast, pumping fresh water all over the state and growing our own fruits and vegetables in places it’s only previously been a pipe dream or dependent on “iffy” weather. [Yes, weather is still the province of Almighty God, and all plans must be made accordingly, but we’ve got a lot of sun-blessed plains just waiting for some water to make them verdant fields. When bad weather—tornadoes, floods, etc.—does hit, we’ll pull together and help one another and not wait for someone in Washington to send a helicopter.]

 Nuclear power. It galls me to say the Europeans got something right that we haven’t, but they have. Nuclear is safe and plentiful. Plus, in case you didn’t know this, Texas’s power grid is independent from all the other states. Therefore, we could probably be up and running with a nuclear powered state in far less time than it would take other places on the continent to do so. And, hey, maybe we could even export some power to neighboring countries.

 Economic stability. We’re already leading the way on this, but imagine if we weren’t sinking any money into the cosmic void known as the U.S. Federal Government and could spend that here at home. Better roads, better schools, better businesses, stronger hospitals … the benefits of keeping that money here would be tremendous!

 Work. Converting a state—even one this great but especially one this big—into a republic would take a lot of work. Let’s put that work in the hands of people who have a proven track record for getting things done (business men and women, military leaders like Midland native Tommy Franks) and invite our neighbors to get off the welfare rolls and grab a job. Let’s help the people who truly need it, but give those who can work jobs and applaud them for doing them.

My next blog on this subject with deal with some of the possibly pitfalls of secession. It ain't all pecan pie and Dr Pepper, you know.