Best Seller List Here I Come!!

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Somewhere out there, someone is buying my books.

I don’t know who. I don’t even know how they have heard about me or my books, but someone is buying them.

And not just any “someones”. Only people who have a Kindle.*

If you don’t know, Kindle is the e-reader developed and sold by They are supposed to be light years beyond their competitors, with a non-glare screen that (they advertise) is just like looking at print on paper and can even be read in bright sunlight. The first Kindle they came out with a while back kept selling out.

Now, to be honest, I don’t know how much stock they had. Still, they sold better than Amazon apparently expected or they would have had more of them on hand, right?

Now, they have a Kindle 2 out there. You buy the thing from Amazon (at a fairly hefty price, if you ask me [considering the tech is proprietary and most of their profit’s going to come from the books—more on that in a moment—I wish they had gone with charging us less for the units so that we’d have more money to spend on the books and magazines], then you can download books and subscribe to magazines and read them on your Kindle for less than (in some cases MUCH LESS than) it would cost you to read the “dead tree” version. My books, for instance, are $16 for actual paper versions (plus shipping) but you can get the full text for a Kindle (complete with cover artwork—which, in the case of my novel “Lost Time”—is more legible in the Kindle version) for $8.99!** Then, you use the simple-to-understand buttons to turn pages and mark your place and everything. And, you can carry around a huge library in your hand. Even get your subscriptions at wi-fi spots.

They sound really cool and I really want one, but they’re way out of my range.

Some people have them, though, and some of those people are buying time travel books written by me. Not a lot of people (so far, anyway), but hey—considering I hadn’t sold ANY of those books in years, the fact that someone is buying them now is really astounding.

It’s also intriguing.

Amazon advertises that there are more than a quarter of a million books available for Kindle. How did someone find my book? This isn’t just an idle question. If I knew how those people found my book (books, actually, as 2 of my three available titles have been selling***), then maybe I could play up that angle somehow to get other people to find my book.

If you are a Kindle owner and have purchased my book, please write me ( and let me know a] how you found my book and 2] how you liked it!

*It was just announced that you can now download Kindle books to your iPhone (if you have the newest iPhone), but that’s such a recent development I’d be surprised if any of my books have been sold that way. The idea of reading a book on a screen the size of a cell phone is anathema to me, but I'm sure someone will go for it.

**Either way, my “take” is identical. The profit margin for Amazon is way higher on the Kindle version, though, because they don’t have to cut down trees, make paper, print, or warehouse the books. All Kindle books are stored on a harddrive somewhere, so they could keep a book “alive” forever, never needing to take it “out of print”.

*** My “biggest seller” has been my novel “First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch”, followed by “Saving Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch—Book 2”, so I’m guessing that most of the people who bought book 2 (probably all of them) are doing so because they bought book one and liked it. And, it’s possible that no one is buying the other book because I accidentally listed it under another name (Samuel B. White, as opposed to Samuel Ben White—this oversight has since been corrected). Now, though, if anyone goes to Amazon and looks up my novels by my name, they’ll not only find “Lost Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch—Book 3”, they’ll also find “Psalm 88”. Whether people are buying the books the’re buying (and ignoring the book they’re ignoring) because of similarity of theme is less important to me at this point than how they found the one they found! (??)

P.S. If you do buy the actual paper edition of “Lost Time”, it comes with a short story about one of the characters from “First Time” that's not included in the Kindle version (because to doesn't really belong with "Lost Time" anyway and seemed to just confuse people by being there).