Oh well

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As the Cowboys and Seahawks knew before them, the Cardinals learned that you can't beat the Steelers and the refs.

Seriously, the quality of officiating has really been low this year in the NFL. And, to give the officials the benefit of the doubt, they tried to cover their bias by making some horrible calls both ways. Just kidding. They tried to hand the game early to the Steelers by calling as many bogus calls as they thought they could get away with on a single drive (a new Super Bowl record!) but the Steelers weren't paying attention and went for the field goal ... twice! What were they thinking?

Still and all, of all the people on the field, can you think of any of them who--ten, twenty years from now--will still be as happy as Kurt Warner will likely be? Statistically, some of these players will be broke by that time, still hanging out in bars and telling people about their once great career. Some of them will be network analysts and others will be successful businessmen. And some of them--it would be great if this were all of them--will be happy wherever they are because they got their chance AND they have found the secret to the real good life.

I have a feeling that will be Warner. I wish he had gone out a winner, but it doesn't always work out that way. Oh well. A Super Bowl ring's pretty cool, but a golden crown's even better!