Troop Deployment: A Solution

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I have an idea that I think will, eventually, make everyone happy.

You’ve probably seen on the news that 3000 American soldiers have been killed in the war we’re fighting (mostly) in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands more have been wounded. This is, obviously (we’re told), an indication that we have lost this war and should withdraw from those countries.

To resolve this situation, some people are calling for us to withdraw our troops. All of them. Right now. Others are calling for a “phased withdrawal” wherein we pull back a few troops at a time, gradually turning control of Iraq over to the insur—I mean, Iraqis.

Still others say we should send in more troops. Now, there are two schools of thought within this idea as well. Some argue for a boost in personnel so that we can make a “push”, finish the job, then begin the withdrawal (phased or total). Others say we put in these extra troops, but that it’ll take a long time—maybe years—to complete the job.

For those who want more troops—and those who argue against more troops—a question on everyone’s mind is: where would we get them?

Now, enter into this mix the news that was recently broadcast that pointed out that from September 11, 2001 to the present, one is much more likely to have met with extreme violence in California than in Iraq or Afghanistan (and more likely to die violently in California by about 50%). Combine that with the fact that California towns such as San Francisco don’t like our troops and view them as an occupying force and so are getting rid of ROTC and we have our solution:

Begin the phased withdrawal by withdrawing all our troops from a land we have already lost: California. There are well over 30,000 U.S. troops stationed there, so we could transition them to wherever the phased troops are going to be sent (Okinawa? South Florida?) by shuttling them through Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our troops will be safer and our militaristic goals can be met. What more could we ask for?