The End of the World?

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I had a friend call up recently and ask me if I thought this (especially in reference to the Middle East situation) was the end of the world. My answer was an equivocating, "It sure seems like it could be!"

This comes from several sources. One, every time I read someone who has interpreted current events as relating to end times prophecy, I automatically discount them. Most of the ones who are in print have proven themselves to be wrong over and over, which is the first test of a prophet. Hal Linsey has been so wrong so many times I wouldn't believe him if he predicted the six o'clock news would come on at 6.

And then, I remember something Philip Yancey wrote in "The Jesus I Never Knew". To wit: Jewish scholars had studied the prophecies of the Messiah for thousands of years--and every bit as well as we study end-times stuff--and they still missed it when Jesus showed up. The only ones who read the prophecies right were three guys who may not have even been Jewish! So it's entirely possible and historically viable that all of our prognostications about the end-times are completely wrong. (But, when it happens, I have a feeling we'll all look back at scripture and say, "Oh! I get it now. That's what he meant by that!")

Will the current Middle East conflagration engulf the whole earth and bring about the end? It might. I'm sure many people thought WWII was the end and that Hitler was the anti-Christ. [Note: he was! The anti-christ is anyone who is anti-Christ. See how that works? For more on this, read 1 John.]

And maybe it was the end. For one thing, I don't think our concept of time and the past is completely accurate*. And second, this moment in time is the end for someone. Maybe it's a car wreck or cancer that will do you in long before Christ returns (and maybe it'll be this afternoon). I checked the paper and the end came yesterday for several of my fellow LawtonOkies.

So the question isn't, "Is this the end?" The question is, "Am I ready?" I am.

*For more (a lot more) on my views of time, go to my web site ( and click on one of the many links that will sell you my books. I make no bones about them being fictional, but they're at least twice as accurate as most end-times prognosticators!