Smaller Restaurant Portions-Protecting the Stupid

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Some recent studies have recommended that American restaurants start serving smaller portions. Apparently, these large restaurant portions are why Americans can no longer fit into Yugos.

Call me a reactionary or some sort of revolutionary, but I don't think it's the restaurant's fault that the people eating there are stupid. Patrons don't have to order the big serving and they don't have to eat everything on their plate. If a restaurant can make a profit by convincing to people to eat huge portions of dog food, it's not the restaurant that needs intervention.

Now, the report I read (by someone called the Keystone Center) does address the problem of Americans eating habits. According to the study, Americans eat one third of their meals away from home. I feel really left out because I can afford to eat out once a week! But enough about me. I like the part where the report (for whatever good it does) tries to address the personal responsibility of the eaters. That's a good idea.

But if a restaurant wants to serve nothing but huge piles of lard, and if the public is dumb enough to eat it, I still say that's not the restaurant's fault. (Lest someone bring this up, no I am not saying it's OK for restaurants to sell illegal substances, or lace their food with gasoline, but if it's an edible substance, they should be legally allowed to sell it. We DON'T have to eat it.)