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I've been told to vote for one guy or not vote for him because of his skin color. I've been told that I should vote for a ticket because it has a woman on it, or to vote against it for that reason. I've also been told to vote on experience, or lack there-of. How this for a novel idea? I vote my convictions.

So, what do I care about?

I'm pro life. I also realize that making abortion illegal would only be a band-aid on the problem. The problem is people having sex who aren't prepared to have a baby. And no, I'm not against contraception. I'm thankful for it. But I also used it within the context of marriage knowing that if it failed (which it often does) I was going to be a father sooner than planned. I made a thoughtful choice accordingly. The government can't help with this. They could give billions of dollars of tax money to abstinence programs and it'd probably just make things worse (because that's what governments do). This corner can only be turned by us individuals reaching out to our neighbors in a supportive and loving way.

I care about taxes. Specifically, I want a whole lot less of them. If I had my way (and, thankfully, I don't, 'cause I'm as self-centered as they come), the federal government would fund the military, the Interstate highway system ... and nothing else. Leave the rest to the states. If some states really sucked, people would vote with their feet (or moving vans).

I like a strong military. I like our system of civilian command of the military.

I support ecology, but not at the expense of humans.

I'd like to see our borders guarded better. If necessary, build walls.

I'd like world where, like Dr. King dreamed, people were judged not by their skin color, but for their character. Our political system currently rewards bad character and focuses as much as is possibly can on skin color. Doubt me? Why are some of our politians on both sides called "old white guys" even by their supporters? What does their skin or hair color have to do with ANYTHING? How about just calling them "politicians who have demonstrated by their actions an inability to govern themselves, let alone a nation" ... shoot! That describes at least three of the four people at the tops of the tickets.

So, since JC Watts isn't running for president, I'll have to vote for the person that comes closest to what I'm looking for in a candidate. If the best candidate is elected, it won't turn the world into paradise. It might help things a little here and there. But the real issue is my world view. I believe in a holy creator who is ultimately in charge and the real issue isn't whether or not I pay more taxes or see abortioned outlawed, but whether I am salt and light in a world that's dark and spoiling. In light of that thought, worrying overmuch about the upcoming election is akin focusing on your hangnail while ignoring a chest wound.