China's A Trouble-Spot?!?! Who KNEW?

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From time to time, the world—and by that, I mean the loose conglomeration of humans who populate this planet—seems incredibly stupid, or, at best, incredibly dense.

Over the last couple weeks, the news media is acting surprised by the news that China is a despotic regime with no regard for human life, religious freedoms, political freedoms, or anything other than it’s own power (in the hands of a few) and self-aggrandizement.

Where the @$#% have these idiots been? China’s been like that for the entire lifetime of just about everyone alive in the world today. They’ve been imprisoning and slaughtering anyone who disagreed with them for decades.

Remember watching on TV almost twenty years ago as their tanks ran over peaceful protesters in Tiananmen Square. Shoot, all you have to do is mention “Tiananmen Square” and most everyone who has ever heard the term automatically thinks of tanks flattening college students.

This is what China is about. I should say, this is what the GOVERNMENT of China is about. There are people throughout China rebelling against this despotic regime—many of them dying in prison for their courage—but the western media is only interested now because they’re going to be there anyway for the Olympics.

Unfortunately, there are way too many Americans who—governed themselves by the talking heads of TV news—are just now waking up to the idea of the smoldering dragon. I wonder if they’ll do anything, or will they just turn over to “American Idol” and quickly forget again?