New Novel Available TODAY!

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My newest novel, a time-traveling detective novel set in both the future and the past is available for Kindle today! (Nook coming soon)

When semi-retired detective Bat Garrett wakes up one morning with the wrong wife, he knows something is wrong.

Jody’s dead. His grandson Edward is dead. A young woman named Marianne went to the future by herself.

Everything is wrong and Bat is the only person who remembers how things used to be, when they were right. But it’s not just a memory. Bat can see that other life. Bat is caught in a dual reality and most everyone–in both realities–thinks he’s going crazy. Bat is convinced that only one of the realities is the way things are supposed to be, so he sets out to find out what split reality and do whatever he has to do to make it right. Even if it means teaming up with Garison Fitch.

No, not the Garison who lives in Colorado. The one who lived and died in the 1700s. Bat has to get to that Garison to straighten everything out. Bat is going to have to travel to the past to set the present right, without messing up anything else along the way.

On top of all this, there's someone else traveling through time, shadowing Bat. Even if Bat can fix reality, he may still be up against an adversary for whom time is no problem.