Is It Calendar Time Already?

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I was in the bookstore the other day and was surprised to see that they already had a fairly large display of 2013 calendars. This surprised me for two reasons.

First, it seemed early to already be thinking about one’s calendar purchase for the next year. Me, I always pick mine up right after Christmas, when they’re half price. I have serious suspicions that the calendar company is still making a profit off of me.

Second, though, I thought we had been told over and over that there would be no 2013, that the world was going to end on or before some date in December of this year that I don’t feel like going to the trouble of looking up. So why are all the calendar companies bothering?

If a salesman were to sell a long-term payment item to a terminally ill person with the hope of collecting for a long time from said patient’s heirs, we would find that reprehensible. (I think. In a society where we think it’s OK for the First Lady to go to public meetings in shorts and a tank top and “real” men regularly order coffee with amaretto in it I don’t think I have a handle on societal mores anymore.) So, why is it OK to sell calendars that won’t be used?

Now, it could be that the calendar companies are just greedy so-and-so’s and, if so, I say, “God bless ‘em.” If it’s because of they are ignorant of the facts, well then I think it’s up to us—you and I*—to write them letters and send emails and let the know what’s going on. We could be talking about the salvation of their souls, after all.

*Specifically, you, as I’m kinda busy.

Some people are already doing their part. There is a lady I follow on Twitter for reasons unclear to me who sends out several Twits a day—excuse me, Tweets—detailing what we should all be doing to prepare ourselves for the end of the world which is now less than 7 months away. They’re all wonderfully vague messages like, “Listen to the voice inside of you for it is the voice of a god” or “Before the world ends, wouldn’t you like to buy my book?” and they often have links to pretty pictures of the pyramids near Mexico City but I haven’t taken them seriously, yet.

Should I? I mean, aside from the scarf she looks like such a nice, normal, sincere, middle-aged and painfully white person. What if she does know what she’s talking about? Should I prepare for the end? I ask, because I’m thinking about getting a new car on one of those, “No payments until next year” plans unless you believe in karma and think that might negatively affect mine in some way.

Maybe my trepidation is all just because when it comes down to it, “crunch time” as they say, “when the rubber hits the road” as others say, “when the you-know-what hits the fan” as still others say, I always have a hard time deciding which calendar to buy. Star Wars? Louis L’Amour? Peanuts? Andy Griffith?

Maybe this year I’ll get lucky and the world will end before I have to go through the agony again.