Forward Thinking

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until November!

No, it’s not that I have a particular candidate I am anxious to vote for. Of the major ones who are left, I can’t seem to get enthused about any of them. I’m just looking forward to election day in the vain hope that this will all be over with.

I appreciate living in a republic. I am very thankful for my freedom to vote. I’m just really tired of this election.

The problem is, though, that as soon as this election ends, another one starts. Has it always been this way? It doesn’t seem like it. But Mitt Romney started running for this November five years ago. So did Barack Obama. And whichever of them wins (yes, I’m jumping the gun here and guessing the other challengers are out of serious contention), the campaign for 2016 starts the day after the election.

If Mister Obama wins a second term or not, the day after the election Hilary and Cuomo and whoever else on the Democratic side that thinks they have a shot will begin putting their campaign together and “sending out feelers” (which had a whole different meaning in reference to Hilary’s husband, Ol’ What’s-His-Name). We’ll hear about “trial balloons” being floated from a dozen different camps … and wish we had a BB gun handy with which to shoot down such balloons.

If Mister Romney wins election, the day after he’ll have people gearing up for his 2016 campaign.

I wonder: do the politicians realize how much this adds to their negative ratings? I have my political preferences, but I’m so sick of all of these people that even when I read or hear of them saying something I agree with, I still wish they would just go away. By the time the voting actually rolls around, I vote with enthusiasm—not with the candidate but just with the semi-successful completion of another election cycle.

Having said all this, I don’t know what the solution is. I sure don’t want more government regulations—about this or anything else—because that just makes any and all problems worse. (Seriously: ever get the feeling that if David Copperfield did a magic trick where he made Washington D.C. disappear we would soon realize we had no reason for wanting him to bring it back?)

Personally, I wish we had someone like George Washington, who thought it was unseemly for candidates to campaign. But the world has changed since then (in some ways for the better, in other ways not so much) and if a person wants the job, they have to campaign. [This, too, I find troubling because I just automatically doubt the sanity of anyone who runs for office.] And if you want to get the jump on your competitors, you have to start early.

And earlier. … And earlier … ad infinitum.

So maybe the best thing about Tebow going to New York is that it’ll give us something to think about this fall other than the elections.