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I like to eat out. Now, I also like to eat at home. The truth is, I like to eat. But there’s something about eating out that I enjoy.

However, my wife and I are on a budget, so some weeks we don’t eat out. I wonder why the government doesn’t start an “Eat Out” program where they pay for me (and my family, if necessary) to eat out? Surely that wouldn’t cost too much.

I also like to go skiing. But that’s really expensive, too. On the other hand, it’s very healthy (right up until you break something—but if you’re lucky, it’ll be someone else’s leg), so I think the government should promote skiing. “Tax breaks instead of leg breaks” would be a good motto. Surely it wouldn’t cost all that much, would it?

Of course, if the government were to start offering incentives for skiers, they would also muck things up. Pretty soon, helmets would no longer be optional. There would be passing lanes on the slopes. And ski school would be mandatory. That’s the thing about government: they always make things more complicated and almost never make things better.

That, it seems, is what some people want, though. Take for instance the woman who appeared on national TV last week saying that she needed government assistance to pay for her contraceptives. A lot of fun has been made of this woman, but I feel sorry for her.

For starters, she’s a thirty year old law student who doesn’t realize that sex is not compulsory. Therefore, since she’s incapable of saying no to sex, she needs someone else (a taxpayer like me) to pay for her contraceptives. I find that very sad.

Since she’s thirty years old and, you’d think, would have figured these things out, she makes me even sadder than a young woman I saw on “60 Minutes” a few years ago. She was a 17 year old woman who lived in Baltimore with her three children and was praising the local school district for giving her contraceptive implants, otherwise she would have had five children by then, she said.

She was seventeen years old and had never been told that she didn’t have to have sex. Now, in both of these cases, maybe the women ARE compelled to have sex, by a boyfriend or a pimp or someone. If that’s the case, then they need to not be talking to Congress or Mike Wallace but the police!

Now, don’t think me anti-sex. Far from it! I am as big a fan (and participant, if I may be so crass) as you’re likely to meet. But I also remember a time a few years ago when my wife and I were married, had two little children, didn’t want additional children, and were working several jobs. The expense of contraceptives was not high, but it was an expense. And we had to figure it into the budget against other things. OK, this is probably more information than you want, but we literally had to make some choices like, “Do we have sex this month or do we eat out?”

We didn’t eat out.

I feel sorry for these women who are being paraded in front of the nation in the name of “reproductive rights”. I have to make a choice whether I am going to eat out this week or not, based on my finances. So I find it ironic that people who claim to be “pro-choice” actually want their constituents to never have to make a choice. “Just do what you want when you want and don’t worry about the consequences because the government’s got you covered.”