Time to Secede (Again)

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The genius powers that be of L.A. county in California have passed a law prohibiting “flying disks” on public beaches. For those of you who don’t know, that’s another term for a “Frisbee”. They’ve already outlawed smoking and alcohol from their beaches. I’m not a fan of either of those things (though I love to toss disks), but what business is it of the government to say whether legal products can be brought to a public place like that?

Watching the news this morning, my wife complained that it seemed like we were being penalized for a] buying a house we could afford and 2] making all our payments on time. “Where’s the government program to give US money back?” she asked. Thankfully, there isn’t one.

And then there’s the recent flap over birth control. At first, the king—I mean, White House—said every company and/or church had to buy insurance to cover things that some religions find abhorrent and sinful. The government tried to pretend that the law wouldn’t pertain to churches or colleges—but that was only if everyone in the church or college was from the exact same denomination. So if Catholic University over here has 1000 employees and 999 of them are Catholic, under this new law they were going to have to cover ALL of their employees for contraceptives, abortion pills and sterilization and ten centuries of church teachings be darned!

Under the firestorm of criticism, the President pretended to wilt. But he didn’t. Nor did he compromise. His own word (or the word of his teleprompter) was “accommodation”. An accommodation is something that someone with higher standing graciously allows someone of lesser standing or ability. And if you look at the so-called accommodation, it was decided that “Catholic U.” wouldn’t pay for the above-mentioned products & services but that their insurer would—for free.

How exactly are the insurance companies going to provide these things for free? The money has to come from somewhere. Either they’re going to have to charge someone else (i.e. my premiums go up, yours go up) or they’re going to go out of business. I think this second option is the one the government desires because that will mean the government can take over insuring those people and boom! another few million people sucking on the government teat.

So now the Frisbee thing seems pretty trivial by comparison, and the housing mess is deeper but maybe not a moral or religious conundrum, but it’s all of the same story. If we give the government the power to tell us how to safely throw a Frisbee or whether or not our “religious conscious” is making a valid objection to policy, the government will take it. And they won’t give it back. If the government gives me money on my house, pretty soon they’ll be telling me I have to get a permit to screen in my own back porch.

Oh wait, they already do that. We’re screwed.