Some Random Thoughts on a Cold Day

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It’s the morning after the big game and I have heard several people say, a] “I only watched the game for the commercials” and 2] “The commercials sucked.” And then they’ll start telling me about the commercials they did like. So I guess not all of them “sucked”.

Just as the game has become so over-hyped that it can’t possibly live up to the pre-game hyperbole, so have our expectations for the commercials become too great. I thought a few of them were mildly chuckle-inducing but, and here’s the key: THEY WERE COMMERCIALS. No matter how funny Jerry Seinfeld was (my fave commercial of the evening) there’s still a bad taste in my mouth because his purpose for being funny was to try and sell me something.

I went skiing recently with my family (hence the missing of the last couple columns/blogs). On day 3 of the ski trip, my wife and I went one direction while our teenage sons went another. As I was zipping down the slopes way faster than I probably should have been—and maybe faster than I had ever gone in my life—I had two thoughts in mind: I hope I don’t die and I hope my wife is watching and is impressed with how fast I’m going.* It occurred to me that, after 23 years of marriage I still like to try and impress my wife with my manly bravado and it’s still just as bad of an idea now as it was 25 years ago when we met.

*The answer was “No” on both.

You men know what I’m talking about. Wait, some of you don’t, if the beer commercials are any indication. You wives know what I’m talking about, though. A man can kill a moose, catch a fish, water-ski with the rope in his teeth and write a sonnet but if he really wants to turn you on the surest path to the bedroom is to do the dishes without being asked. A bouquet of flowers is a welcomed gift, but the real key to the lock on your heart is a household chore done.

Yes, I am on “Twitter” and I can’t for the life of my figure out why. Why are 700+ people “following” me? Is this something I should worry about? What will they do if they catch up with me? If it’s give me money, I’ll stop right here and let them catch up.

This Friday they’re going to start re-releasing the “Star Wars” movies in 3D. For those of us who were adolescents when the galaxy far, far away hit the screen in 1977, they’ve always been in 3D.

I saw a football analyst who said the Cowboys’ biggest draft needs were at quarterback, offensive line and defensive back. I think this ignores their biggest deficiency: Jerry Jones. What are the chances that he’ll eventually learn the lesson it took Steinbrenner 20+ years to learn with the Yankees: get out of the way and let the people who know the game run the team. I’m not a Yankees fan, but when Steinbrenner learned to just get out of the way and write checks, he got to preside over 5 World Series championships in less than 15 years. Jones has that kind of money, but does he have that kind of smarts?

Looking back at that first paragraph (yes, I do actually read over this stuff before submitting it) I need to say I did think last night’s game lived up to the hype. Close game, few penalties, only one turnover, and a nail-biter at the end. I didn’t care who won, so it was nice to see a game that was really a GAME!