It’s Only Money

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Did you know you can go on-line and buy a Rolex watch for just $120,000? Oh, they have less expensive models, but they do have a 120k model. You know what it does? It tells time.

On “The Price Is Right” the other day, a lady got on stage because she correctly bid $750 dollars for a pair of really ugly shoes. You know what they didn’t do? They didn’t tell time. But they did look painful because they had 6 inch stiletto heels. 6 inches!! I can see where the woman who wears those will soon have the most fit calves in town—calves so fit the Breeder’s Association will be asking her for an endorsement—but we don’t need the doctor on the nightly news to tell us that walking around on your tip-toes like that could potentially be bad for the bones in your foot, do we?

Now, I will admit: sometimes the cheap shoes aren’t worth it. When it comes to comfort, I have learned that the $10 shoes are just as comfortable as the $30 shoes … but the $30 shoes last about 6 times as long, so they are worth the extra money. On the other hand (or “CONVERSEly,” as they say in the shoe business … ha!), as we see on the news that people are getting beat-up for their $200 Air Jordan shoes I find it hard to believe that those $200 shoes will last 6-7 times as long as my $30 shoes. Besides the fact that no one beats me up over my $30 shoes, which is definitely a plus in my book.

Back in college I worked in a boot store in Dallas. During slack times, we used to try on the boots we could never afford. I remember trying on some $1100 alligator boots and even some $1500 ostrich boots. They felt pretty nice, but not 11 to 15X as nice as the $100 Tony Lamas I was wearing at the time. Considering I am still wearing those Tony Lamas twenty years later, I rather doubt that I would have gotten 11 to 15X the wear from those more expensive boots.

I am not saying that there are not certain cases where those expensive Nikes might be worth their cost. The average—or even bad—NBA player probably puts a lot more wear and tear into his shoes than I am ever likely to. So it’s worth it to him to have a shoe on his foot that isn’t going to blow out when he makes a quick cut. I do not have that worry in my life—the last quick cut I made having been sometime in college—and so a $30 dollar shoe suits me just fine.

This is not a screed against expensive products. I’m a big fan of capitalism and if you want to spend a thousand bucks on something I’m willing to pay ten for, more power to you. I wish I had something to sell that you want. I guess what I’m trying to say here is either that I do not find myself swayed by public opinions of what’s “hot” or “trendy” or I’m just cheap.

My $30 watch keeps great time, my $30 shoes are wearing well and my Tony Lamas are in great shape! And that’s all I can think to say on this topic.