99 Cent Novels on Kindle & Nook

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If you have a Kindle or a Nook (or one of the many applications that allow you to read Kindle & Nook books on a PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc.) you can read eight of my novels for just 99 cents apiece!

That's right: Garison Fitch, Ellen Leades, Bat Garrett and all the other stars of my novels are available at just 99 cents a pop.

How is this possible? I wish I knew! Seriously, I'm doing some experimenting with the pricing on my novels to see if this "cheaper price" will actually put my books into the hands and minds of more readers. Sure, I like money. And, in theory, I make more money selling the books at $3.95 apiece. In fact, to make the same amount of money, I'll have to sell 8.5 times as many books at .99. As much as I like money, if 9X as many people are reading my books, I'll gladly take those odds! I'll even be pretty pleased if only 5X as many people read my books!

Also, if you want to know a little more about each of my individual novels, go to www.garisonfitch.com/librarystore You can read a synopsis of each novel, as well as find convenient links for ordering them on your Kindle or Nook. [Quick note: as of this writing, the novels "All the Time in Our World", "Some of the Time" and "Hating God--a love story" ARE available on Nook, but the links at the LIbrary/Store aren't in place, yet.]

Second note: "Hating God - a love story" is the Nook name for the novel "Psalm 88". For more info on why the name is different (but the story's the same) go to www.garisonfitch.com/blog