The Jeniuses Among Us

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You have probably seen the commercial. To show how strong the deodorant is, they strap “meat ponchos” on three guys and then let them get chased down the street by timber wolves. The point is, apparently, that the guy who used the deodorant is not as appealing to the wolves and, presumably, will die last.

The demographic the deodorant company is going for is that guy—who may live right among us—whose job regularly puts him athwart timber wolves while wearing meat. I bet if you knew this fellow, you would remember him. I go out in public and almost never see anyone other than that weird “Lady Gaga” thing wearing meat.

What troubles me most about the commercial, though, are the tiny little letters at the bottom of the screen that say, and I quote (hence the “” marks), “Do not try this.”

I’m sure it was a lawyer that made them put that there. Still, the fact that there are people in this world that think there are other people in this world who might round up some timber wolves and put on a meat poncho is very troubling to me. When the “Ace Ad Agency and Storm Door Company” pitched this idea to the execs at the deodorant company, did someone actually stand up and say, “We better put on a warning or some kid’s going to try this!”?

Do they really think anyone dumb enough to play Pamplona with hungry timber wolves can actually read anything, let alone fine print?

It doesn’t seem like the demographic for this commercial is much larger than the man who robbed the jewelry store the other day. The police put out a warrant for him and, in the description (I’m not kidding, I saw it on the news) was the fact that he had “Jenius” tattooed across his forehead. It didn’t take them long to find the guy. They probably just followed the timber wolves.