"Some of the Time" releases this Friday!!

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"Some of the Time", the sequel to "All the Time in Our World" will be released on Amazon's Kindle platform this Friday!

Garison Fitch’s grandson, Edward Garrett, and his young wife Marianne, have been living back in the twenty-first century for four years now. Marianne has won a gold medal at the Olympics ... and Edward? He’s been stuck in a dead-end job, dreaming of the days when he led armies and walked the lands of the far future with Marcus and Daniel.

A parade in Marianne’s honor in their hometown is cut short by a storm–an enormous storm like only Edward and Marianne have seen before. When it subsides, they are back in the future they once knew.

But Lasten–who they knew before as an old man–is now a young man and the land of Nid is populated as it had been in his youth … and led by a man who believes his society is dying and, so, must be put out of its misery.

In the course of trying to save the future–and discover why they have been summoned out of their own time–Marianne and Edward discover a whole new culture most people believed was only a legend until the Garretts burst through with irrefutable evidence that the legends are true.

The world will never be same. Is the change for the better or the worse?

For more info, go to garisonfitch.com and peruse the site, especially the blog! Or email me at garisonfitch@gmail.com