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The web is all abuzz about the impending filming of the next Batman movie. Christian Bale is back! Anne Hathaway is playing Catwoman! He'll probably have a cool car!

I watched "Batman" (with Adam West) growing up. Even had a toy Batmobile. Wondered what the Batcommode looked like. And then, I watched the Tim Burton movies and was surprised at what a good job Michael Keaton did as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I don't mean that as a slam against Keaton. He was just an out-of-leftfield choice (based on his previous work) who did an excellent job.

And then, I saw the one with Val Kilmer, which was OK. It was followed by the one with George Clooney which--years later--still makes me think, "George Clooney? He played Batman? I bet he'd be good at that.' Having seen it in the theater, though, I can't honestly tell you anything about it. I know Arnold was in it, too.

Then, the series languished for a while, living on only in cartoons and comic books.

There's something about the Bat-Man that America just loves because a few years ago they started making more Batman movies with mind-blowing stunts and costumes that allow the normally excellent Christian Bale to just walk through the part with all the vim and verve of, well, me on the way to the Driver's License Bureau.

Yes, I know I am alone in this opinion. When the next "Batman" movie hits the theaters, the public will go crazy and it'll be hailed as a triumph by just about everyone. I'll probably go see it because--for reasons I can't fathom--I keep expecting one of them to be good.

[Author's Note: if I had to rate the Batmen, I'd say the best lead actor, movie and villain were all in the first Burton movie. Jack Nicholson was, IMO, the best Batman villain to date. But the movie doesn't quite survive that moment when the Joker can bring down the Batplane with Tim Conway's gun from "The Private Eyes".]