"All the Time in Our World" in a SINGLE Volume!

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I am (finally) going to release "All the Time in Our World" as a single volume. Before doing so, I wanted to alert my readers here because, if you have already read "All the Time in the World" in it's four parts, you don't need to get this edition as there will be no difference. (As much as my pocketbook wouldn't mind the double-dipping, I don't want to stiff you, the people who make writing worthwhile.)

I listen to music almost constantly and one of my pet peaves is when an artist whose albums/tapes/CDs I already have releases a "Greatest Hits" that has two new songs on it. Do I buy a whole new CD just to get those two songs when I've already got everything else on it? I'm very thankful for places like Amazon where I can just download those two songs by themselves for .99 apiece.

So, readers, if you're wanting to get all of "All the Time in Our World" in a single volume, be watching your Kindle Store. The cost for the single volume will be the same as if you had purchased the four individual parts. And watch for the sequel: "Some of the Time" (title subject to change, I'll let you know here), coming in December 2010!