Thank you, readers!!!

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Thank you readers for making April 2010 my best-selling month ever! In April (as of noon on the last day of the month) I have sold 60 books on the Amazon Kindle platform. Leading the way was “First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch–Book 1″ with 20 copies sold.

What strikes me as strange is that this is the first month ever where “Lost Time” (which is book 3 in the series) actually outsold book 2. I guess people who have bought book 2 in past months are finishing out the cycle–as written so far!–are catching up. It just looks odd on the tally sheet to see more people reading the third story than the second one.

Whoever you readers are: thank!! And keep telling your friends.

Now, I better get off this blog and get back to writing.