Oith Dei

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This Thursday, April 22, I will probably celebrate “Earth Day” in my usual fashion, which is to forget that it’s happening until about a week later. On the years when I do remember Earth Day, I like to celebrate by driving my SUV to some fast food restaurant that uses Styrofoam cups and order a large soft drink, leaving the engine running and the air conditioning going all while keeping the windows down.

It’s not just that Earth Day is a made-up holiday, all holidays were made-up at some point in time—even those that commemorate actual events. Someone thought an event was worth commemorating, so they started a holiday (the definition of making one up). And a lot of other big events have happened in the history of the world which have been forgotten, to one extent or another.

I like the planet I live on. And I’m thankful for it. I also know Who created it, so I do my best to take care of it. I pick up trash, I try not to waste water, and I recycle stuff. I like sunsets and the Grand Canyon.

But I refuse to worship the planet or treat it as more than a wonderful tool given to me (and all the rest of us) by the one who created it. Like any tool, it works best if properly maintained. I take responsibility for taking care of my share of it, but I don’t think the planet itself needs, covets or can even acknowledge my praise.

It bugs me that the “green” people (which sounds like someone who has eaten too many unripe apples) have co-opted what we used to call “ecology”. Ecology was, it seems to me, a sound principle. Like telling a child not to sit in a cesspool, ecology was just the idea that, “We have to live here, we don’t want to live in filth, so keep it clean and help the plants grow.” The greenies have taken a good idea (take care of what you’ve got) and perverted it into “worship what you have”. The planet is an important tool, and I will continue to take care of it in the hopes of leaving it in good shape for my children, but I also know it’s temporary.

So, for this year’s “Earth Day”, I encourage you to plant a tree or go pick up some trash or spread the ashes from your fireplace on your garden. And then go have a great big soft drink in a Styrofoam cup and think about me when you dispose of it in a responsible manner.