My Bestselling Month Ever

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Between March 1 and 30, 2010, I have sold 53 copies of my novels via Amazon's Kindle platform. This makes March my best selling month ever! Thanks to whoever it buying them.

I also got my first fan letter from a total stranger! A man named Scott who is employed in Saudi Arabia (!!) emailed me and thanked me for the books. I was really excited (and still am).

If you would like a personalized, autographed copy of any of the three Garison Fitch books, email me at Order all three novels at once and I'll cut you a special deal!

And, of course, you can read all three Garison Fitch novels, plus "All the Time in Our World" (a novel about Garison's grandson) and "Psalm 88" (a novel about alcoholism and codependency) at Amazon. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can get Kindle books for your iPhone or even download them and read them on your PC.