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Getting Ready for Summer

I’m sure we all love how helpful the magazines are at this time of year as they run articles telling us “How to Have the Perfect Beach Body” for this summer. It’s such a comfort to know that they care that much about us, that they will go out of their way to tell us what we can do to make our summer better. They didn’t have to, of course, it’s all done from the warmth of their heart(s).

The Rudest Generation

The year was 1874 and, as you all know, that was when Alexander Graham “Ring-Tone” Bell invented the telephone. Realizing that people were clamoring for a means to be interrupted by total strangers who wanted them to give to the policeman’s fund while eating supper, Bell had devoted years of his life to inventing “the cotton gin” until he realized that name had already been taken and went with “telephone” instead.

Desire to Go

This probably doesn’t happen to you much, but as both a minister and a hospice chaplain, a lot of people come up to me (at funerals, or when a loved one has just died) and they ask me, “Do you think Uncle Dave went to heaven?”

What's the Skinny?

According to Hollywood types—so, of course, we HAVE to listen because they know everything—calling someone “skinny” now is just as insulting as calling someone “fat.”

New Bat Garrett novel coming soon!

There's a new Bat Garrett novel coming out this month on Kindle & Nook! You can read all about it here: http://garisonfitch.com/book/death-among-friends/

And watch that space, as there will soon be a sample chapter and maybe other details of the book posted there.

Automotive Desire

If you are a male, between the ages of—well, age doesn’t really matter in this case. If you’re a male living in the United States, you have probably seen the “new” Camaros they’ve come out with over the last couple years and thought they were an attractive car. Perhaps a very attractive car.

Fashion Show

Watch the news regularly (I dare you!) and once in a while you may see a story about a prominent fashion show going on. Usually, the ones that make the news are being held in Paris or New York, but sometimes you‘ll even see one from a little closer to home.

If you are like most rational human beings (and the better part of the dog population) you have watched the video clips from these shows and said to yourself something along the lines of, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

Award Season

There was no way I was going to watch the Academy Awards Sunday night short of a threat of physical violence to my children. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not just that I hate the Academy Awards, I also hate the Golden Globes, the American Music Awards, the Emmys and most steamed vegetables.

In short, what I hate are awards programs. For instance, I enjoy going to the movies and I have an extensive collection of movies on DVD (and Blu-Ray and even a few tapes). I also listen to music and watch TV.

I also drive a car.

New Novel Now Available!

I've got a great new novel available for the Kindle (and Kindle Fire, and iPad, and Android, and et. al.): "Medicine Park". You can order it here: http://www.amazon.com/Medicine-Park-Mended-Lives-ebook/dp/B00BBZN2ZI

Watch this blog for more details!

Excerpt from Novel I'm working on

He walked into the great hall built by his mother’s cousin and marveled at the sight, for it was a wonder of fine wooden pillars made from living trees, with their branches cunningly woven hundreds of feet overheard in such a way as to make as tight a roof as ever the earth had seen, yet in appearance be nothing more than a greensward set in the sky. Its walls were made of the finest glass—after the fashion of the Huunites of the south—but a hair’s breadth thick yet stronger than the finest metals, even of those forged by the Pengri in the east.

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