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Hollywood's Big Night

The early returns are in and it's estimated that the TV ratings for last night's Oscar presentations were the lowest ever.

Now, I know those of you who have bothered to make it to this second sentence are most likely saying to yourself, "So what?" and you know what? You're right. This is Hollywood's big night. It is not America's big night.

The Tuttle's Book

Some of you are coming to the web site and trying to figure out how to order the "Tuttle's" book of cartoons that you've seen advertised in the comic strip. I have to apologize for that because I got my timing off and started advertising the book before it was ready from the printers!

It should be ready any day now. And it is slick looking! This is not just something I ran off on a copier, this is a professionally created book as good as any you'll see in any store (and, hopefully, you'll see this in some stores eventually).

The Story of Burt Cottage, Part 5 -- Mrs. Li's Sceptre

It is said that, years ago--perhaps centuries--Mrs. Li's ancestors reigned an empire that took in a large part of China, most of Formosa, the northern tip of Japan and a good portion of the land we now call Idaho. They ruled with an iron hand, a set of laws as tough as steel and a memory like a sieve.

Princess Leia's Metal Bikini

I am a Star Wars fan.

Let me get that out there right away. And, lest you think I’m one of the snobs who usually write blogs, I like all six Star Wars movies.

I have seen some surveys over the years in which sci-fi and fantasy fans were polled as to who their favorite all-time, or sexiest all-time sci-fi/fantasy heroine was. In almost every one of these surveys, Princess Leia (as played by Carrie Fisher) wins.

The Story of Burt Cottage, Part 4--Who is Burt Cottage?

Some of you may have been reading these recent blog-like articles and wondering who Burt Cottage is and what all this is about. The first, and easiest, answer to that question is to send you over to www.destinyhelix.com where you can read the ongoing comic book saga of Burt Cottage.
[Note: These blogs that have recently appeared on tuttles.net are in reference to that story specifically.]

Still, who is this guy?

The Story of Burt Cottage - Part 3, Raylynn Griffith

Her name is Raylynn Griffith. She just barely remembers her father. She remembers him as a sweet man who used to take her on his knee and tell her the meanings of words. Big words, small words, words used only by people with acute cases of psoriasis. He told her them all.

Then one day he was gone.

She cried and cried but her mother told her it was all right, Daddy would be back. He was just going to be gone for the summer. So she spent the summer learning how to swim (and being afraid of the dam) so the next time her father went to the South Seas, she could go with him.

Who Cares About the End Times?

I am one of the lucky recipients to receive a monthly edition of the magazine “Pulpit Helps” which is available exclusively to those who checked “yes” on the “Do you want this magazine?” card. The publication is an interdenominational piece of printed material with reprints of some sermons by people I’ve never heard of, suggested sermon outlines, funny and/or thought-provoking quips for newsletters and … well, you get the picture.

The Story of Burt Cottage, Part 2 -- Gruffudd Griffith

His name was Gruffudd Griffith. His father came over from Wales and settled in the town of Fort Griffin, Texas, where he became a dentist after the previous dentist contracted tuberculosis and decided he liked gambling better than working on others people's teeth. This being in the days when personal dental care was almost as widely used as the automatic transmission, who wouldn't? While Grampa Griffith's life makes for an interesting story, it isn't told here.

The Story of Burt Cottage

When he got out of the army, he tried minor league baseball for a while but the leagues didn't pay much money in those days and he eventually soured on the idea. The next logical progression was a job in broadcasting, but seeing as how no one was sure whether TV had been invented yet, he found it hard to break in.

Burt Cottage Returns (!)

Some of you may remember back when I drew another comic strip. It was called “Cottage & CO” and starred a character named Charlie Bro—wait, I think that’s wrong. Let me look more closely at my notes. Nope, that doesn’t help, my eyesight is 20/20 and requires that I hold things a reasonable distance from my eyes.

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