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It's Collectible

I got an advertisement today for a whole new line of “collectible” Star Trek snowglobes. Now, aside from the fact that I can’t remember a single episode where Captain Kirk flew his beloved Enterprise through the snow, I am somewhat skeptical of the term “collectible”.

It gets thrown around a lot these days. Collectible plates. Collectible limited edition prints (limited to the number they think they can sell). Collectible salt-shakers, etc.

Free Stuff!!

I like to eat out. Now, I also like to eat at home. The truth is, I like to eat. But there’s something about eating out that I enjoy.

However, my wife and I are on a budget, so some weeks we don’t eat out. I wonder why the government doesn’t start an “Eat Out” program where they pay for me (and my family, if necessary) to eat out? Surely that wouldn’t cost too much.


I was a late bloomer when it came to getting to know real women. I had three sisters and a mother, of course, but those aren’t real women. Those are sisters and a mother—who might indeed be real women to other people but are not and will not be to me.

Time to Secede (Again)

The genius powers that be of L.A. county in California have passed a law prohibiting “flying disks” on public beaches. For those of you who don’t know, that’s another term for a “Frisbee”. They’ve already outlawed smoking and alcohol from their beaches. I’m not a fan of either of those things (though I love to toss disks), but what business is it of the government to say whether legal products can be brought to a public place like that?

Some Random Thoughts on a Cold Day

It’s the morning after the big game and I have heard several people say, a] “I only watched the game for the commercials” and 2] “The commercials sucked.” And then they’ll start telling me about the commercials they did like. So I guess not all of them “sucked”.


I live on a “goose route”. Every winter, there are Canada geese that spend the cold months here. We get to see them every day because they fly back and forth between a pond southeast of town and one northwest of town. Some days, they’ll do it several times in a day, flying in formation, with their honking so loud you can hear it while inside (with the music going).

I don’t know why, but I find these geese fascinating. Sometimes, as I hear them through the window of my office, I’ll step outside just to watch them go over.


My radio in my office conked out this week. So I went looking for another, of course. Do you know how hard it is just to buy a radio these days? In addition to a radio, you not only get a clock, speakers the size of a politician’s ego, and a CD player, you also get a docking station for your MP3 player or iPod.

The obvious question is: why is there a radio there? I think it’s because radios require almost no parts and they’re easy to build* so why not stick one on this thing we’ve come up with?

It’s Only Money

Did you know you can go on-line and buy a Rolex watch for just $120,000? Oh, they have less expensive models, but they do have a 120k model. You know what it does? It tells time.


After so much time cooped up, I was determined to go for a walk this morning. The thermometer said it was 29 degrees out there (which was warmer than earlier!) so I figured I had better dress appropriately: thick socks, sweat pants, then ski bib, a sweater, a scarf, then a jacket*. On top of that, a stocking cap, Thinsulate® gloves, sunglasses and an MP3 player playing Christmas music.

I set off down the street and quickly came to a conclusion: I was over-dressed.

Need a Read for that new Kindle or Nook?

Did you receive a Kindle or Nook for Christmas—or just thinking about buying one for yourself? Now you’re looking to stock up on some excellent reading, right? Some words to carry you through these cold days of winter and into the new year.

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