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Prayer Request Gossip

One of the problems that frequently affects churches is gossip. We can pass it off as “little gossip” or “no big deal” but Scripture* identifies it as sin.

Why is this such a problem? Well, for starters, almost everyone likes a “juicy little bit of inside news.” Never mind that it’s probably either not true or exaggerated, it’s hard not to listen to it. (And, aren’t those who listen to gossip as guilty as those who purvey it?) We should refuse to listen, though.

Freedom to Reject God

A friend of a friend on Facebook recently opined that, once a person has the Holy Spirit, God takes away their ability and/or freedom to reject the Holy Spirit.

Many people think this way. I don't, but I don't want to give it the short shrift I think the idea deserves.

A Word about TV and Evolution

“Evolution is a fact.”

So spoke Sheldon, the ultra-intelligent uber-nerd (but I’m redundant) on the CBS comedy, “Big Bang Theory.”

The audience didn’t laugh at this crack, for crack it was. You see, Sheldon wouldn’t say something like, “Turn on that lamp.” Sheldon would use confusing and precise language and say something like, “Engage the electromagnetic field which casts off particles that travel at a semi-constant speed of … “ You get the picture.

Be One of Tuttle's Facebook Friends!

If you're on Facebook ("The world's most exciting and least useful phonebook"), you can now list Tuttle as one of your friends! And share Tuttle with your other friends!

On your Facebook page, in the search box, type "Tuttle's Comic Strip" and then look for the picture of our favorite turtle as a doctor. Click on it, then click on the "Become a Fan" link. It's that easy.

I look forward to seeing you on FB!

The TV Interview

If you’ve clicked on the link below and watched the interview with me that was broadcast on Amarillo’s Channel 7 (ABC), you may be wondering how that came about. Here’s the quick rundown:

The Channel 7 news team has been going all over the Texas panhandle this summer, doing the evening news from the various small towns in the area. One day, they came to Dumas, so my family and I went “downtown” (the town square, which is a place and not a person) and saw the news people.

Dead Like Ted

Some people in the media seem surprised that the Pope hasn’t jumped at the chance to offer some sort of statement on the passing of Edward “Ted” Kennedy.

Why would he? Ted Kennedy devoted his public life to trying to destroy the Catholic church. So the Pope can either be hypocritical and offer words of condolence or tell the truth and offer a statement of condemnation.

Reader's Digest - R.I.P.

Reader’s Digest Goes Under

The folks over at Reader’s Digest have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This may not be the end for the mag, but the handwriting’s on the wall. As a formerly fervent reader of the Digest, my first thought at this news is: so what? The RD I loved disappeared a long time ago.

Like probably everyone else who has read or heard this news, I have my own thoughts about why this is happening.

Garison Fitch Lives On!

Great news! For me, anyway. July was my best-selling month ever! I sold 28 copies of my novels* to users of Amazon's Kindle platform. Whoever you are, thanks! And keep telling your friends!

Also, probably as a result of the same phenomenon (whatever that is), someone has been buying the actual paperback versions of my books, too! 7 copies were sold between January 1 & June 30 of 2009. I know that may not sound like much, but considering I had sold a grand total of 1 in the previous three years, I'm stoked!

My Dream for National Health Care

OK, here’s my dream for how all this nationalized health care could play out here in the Formerly-United States of America.

The Prez and some of his minions in congress have already said they don’t need bi-partisan support for their bill to pass, so let’s assume it does. Here’s where my dream starts to kick in.

Governor Perry of Texas, he of the perfect hair and perpetually crooked tie, follows up on his pledge to invoke the 10th and 11th amendments to the Constitution and not accept Obamacare for the Lone Star State.

In the Land of Garison Fitch

Yesterday, I drove up La Plata Canyon. If you’ve never heard of it, then shame on you ‘cause La Plata Canyon is the home of Garison Fitch. It was also the home of Louis L’Amour, which is how it came to be the home of Garison Fitch.

It’s easy to miss La Plata Canyon. Heading west out of Durango* on your way to Mesa Verde, there’s a green sign and an arrow pointing to an unassuming little road heading off into a valley on the north side of the road. There’s a restaurant on the corner, but not much else.

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