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Political Expediency

I have a very good friend with whom I occasionally discuss politics. We agree on many of the small details, but in a big detail way, we tend to vote for opposite parties. For, while there is so much we both want to see from and in our country, he thinks that can be best achieved through a large and strong central government whereas I, on the other hand, believe the better solution to be a small government or—barring that—anarchy.

Financial Wiz-Dumb

OK, let’s say you’ve given your college-graduated kid a credit card to “get him through some hard times”. Your point is that this is so he (and maybe the wife and kids, if he has them) won’t starve to death while things are rough. Let’s further state that your son has a job, and it’s a pretty good one. Like a lot of people, though, he’s got some student loans and he’s just moved into his first house and … you get the picture. The credit card’s stated purpose is so he can buy gas to get back and forth to work, purchase some household necessities, and so forth.

King Louis

When a Louis L’Amour character walks down a street, you get the sense that—if you were suddenly placed on that street yourself—you’d know where to go because he’s already laid it out so well for you. That trail through the mountains? You could find it from his directions.


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Summer Fun

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s summer. If you’re a parent, your kids are begging you to take them to the swimming pool. So now is the perfect opportunity for one of those, “When I was a kid” lectures that kids enjoy so much. In this instance, you get to tell them all about how, when you were a kid, you couldn’t afford to go to the pool because—while there may not have been a depression on, the 70s were on, and—at least as far as we remember it—that was way worse.

What's Your Analysis

Researchers in England, who apparently have WAY too much time on their hands, have published a study which says that, when making an important decision—especially one of long-ranging consequence—we humans tend to do better with a full bladder than with an empty one.

The thought is, apparently, that having a full bladder puts the mind on high alert and puts our senses on edge.

End of an Error

Those of you who like to take a trip out to Las Vegas (the one in Nevada, not the one I’ve been to in New Mexico) may be lamenting the news that came out of there this week. Don’t worry: Wayne Newton is still alive (I think). What soon won’t be is the Sahara Hotel and Casino.

On Account of Numbers

My phone bill lists both my phone number and my account number. Why do I need a separate account number? If you dial my phone number, isn’t the reason you get me and not someone else because my phone number is unique? Why did I need a separate unique number for the account?

I asked someone about this. Now, I should say—in the interest of full-disclosure and all that—that the person I asked is not in any way affiliated with the phone company and has no authority to speak on their behalf. Why did I ask him, then? Because he was standing there when the question came to my mind.

New Book: "The Woman Caught" by Samuel Ben White

I have a new novel coming out soon: “The Woman Caught”. You can see the cover for it at It's not exactly a re-telling of "the woman caught in adultery" from John 8, but it is about that story. Alexander "Opie" Gates meets a woman with a horrible past. He's excited when she starts to be interested in his faith, but then he begins to fall for her. It was easy to be as forgiving as Jesus when he didn't have a personal interest in her; but now that he does, he's not sure if he can forgive her past.

Do Words Mean Anything Anymore?

I was watching a “children’s cartoon” the other day and was surprised to hear the words “Lucifer” and “fag” used by the childish characters on the screen. I thought I might have misheard, so I rewound and listened again. Yep, that’s what I had heard.

Now, before you can suspect that I was watching one of those monstrosities on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”, I must point out—in the spirit of full disclosure—that I was watching the 1967 classic “It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown.”

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